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The Idyllic Island Getaway: Phu Quoc, Vietnam

phu quoc island

phu quoc island

The island of Phu Quoc, located in the Gulf of Siam, is Vietnam’s largest. Beautiful clean beaches, stunning landscapes and relatively unspoilt natural scenery abound on Phu Quoc, which is fast becoming one of Vietnam’s most visited resorts.

Local government could be forgiven for attempting to cash in on the islands idyllic features and attract the rich and famous to its shores, but fortunately it seems they have its heart set on preserving the islands heritage and landscape.

phu quoc island

Despite rising tourist numbers and development in local infrastructure – which include the renovation of the Duong Dong airport and the building of holiday accommodation, bars and resort activity centres – there remains a concerted effort to stay true to the natural environment of the island.

phu quoc island

It is intended that the tourist sector should diversify and offer an ecotourism element, and the Phu Quoc National Park is under development in a bid to cater to nature lovers.

The charms that attract people to the island should remain untouched, and this is the local government’s intention. Jumping on the ecotourism bandwagon are a few local resorts, including the Chen Sea Resort which, before its construction, was designed to preserve the seas and beaches in the surrounding area.

phu quoc island

Wooden Bungalows at Chen Sea Resort

Traditional wooden bungalows, which actually were real homes, offer 5 star accommodation with all the mod cons, and fit in nicely with the natural landscape. The hotel also attempts to promote local sustainability, using only local products and staff wherever possible.

phu quoc island

If the new resorts and hotels springing up on this idyllic island follow the same principles as the Chen Sea, and if the local government continues in its bid to promote sustainability and sensitivity to local surroundings, then the island of Phu Quoc has a good shot at retaining a good deal of it’s famous charm.

Image Credits: Zoe Shuttleworth / Alexandre Paris / ntt / Chen Sea Resort / Andrew3000

Anyone been to Phu Quoc Island? What do you think of the new plans?

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