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Let the Friday Link Fest Begin!

crazy bus

Not so long ago, before the rise of Facebook Fan pages and Twitter, people used to link to each other in their blogs or websites. Some still do, frequently, and I like that.

It spreads the word to as many people as possible, without them having to sign up to social media sites if they don’t want to. And let’s face it; while around 65% of all internet users are au fait with social networking sites, there are still a large number of people who shun them, so they won’t always find the links being passed between users.

OK, but what’s the bus about, I hear you ask? Do read on.

I’ve decided to go old-school and reclaim the link! That means, every week I’m going to share certain stories I find interesting, but either haven’t had the time to write up or share on various social networks.

It’s a great way for Eco Traveller readers to 1) find out what floats my boat, and 2) discover what else is out there. So I say, let the Friday link fest begin, and enjoy!

Don’t forget to pop back next Friday for the next link love-in.

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Linda hails from evergreen Northern Ireland, but is currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Her passion for travel and the natural world has seen her working as a writer and editor on a number of websites. Linda has articles published in magazines and newspapers in Australia and the UK, and has also contributed to the inspirational travel book 1001 Escapes to Make Before You Die.

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