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Canoeing in Noosa Everglades

noosa everglades
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There’s a real sense of calm when canoeing. Especially if you’re in a quiet backwater with little to break silence but the tip of an oar breaking through the surface of the water and the consequent drips and dribbles from the paddle on the arc.

When we joined a boat tour through Noosa Everglades I had yearned to take the option of canoeing the 6km section between the morning tea picnic area and Harry’s Hut, where we were to have lunch. To do this, though, I would have had to abandon the kids with their dad for the time. It would have only been about 45 mins to an hour, but guilt made me stay as trying to entertain a couple of bored children on a tiny boat is hard enough; harder when you’re on your own.

Once we got a few kilometres down the river, I was secretly pleased I didn’t join the canoeists. The idea is always better than the reality when it’s 35 degrees centigrade. I’m obviously over dripping with sweat and getting sunburned in my old age.

Also, they were on a strict time limit and had to head straight to the lunch stop. No dilly dallying. This meant no stopping to admire the scenery, no watching the wildlife along the way and no languishing on the surface with your face raised towards the sun’s rays.

When I get into a canoe I prefer to take it easy on a river; absorb the moment and study the surroundings. It’s an excuse to engage in real slow travel. If I make it up that way again it would be great to spend the whole day on the water, with no time limitations and maybe a little less sun.

What’s your thoughts on canoeing? Love it or loathe it?

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