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Giant Green Goddess Growing in England


Crop circles are so last season. If you want to see something really interesting in the green fields of England in the coming years then you’ll need to head to the little known area of Northumberland in the United Kingdom. The gentlemen amongst you may be pleased to know that there you’ll find a lady with rather large breasts lying in a field.


Nope, it’s not Katie Price AKA Jordan, but in fact a fantastic piece of art, made from soil and all things green. Aimed for completion in 2013, this ‘sculpture’ is the brainchild of Charles Jencks, who has cleverly engineered the design of this large earthen lady to allow all and sundry to tramp along her spine. Aristocrat Hon. Matthew Ridley is pleased to back the project on his land, and it will be a green triumph with art and landscape combined like never before.


Using the remnants left behind from coal mining activities on the land, ‘Northumberlandia’ will emerge from the soil, with her boobs facing oncoming traffic. She’ll also allow you to stand on them for no extra charge and look at the scenery towards the ocean.

green goddess

Luckily for the poor old tax payers of the UK, ‘Northumberlandia’ is appearing at absolutely no charge, thanks to Ridley’s generous pocket and the mining company doing the work. It shall become a beacon in the area, and proceeds from this slightly raunchy Mother Earth will go to a charity.

As the project (which at present is just a pile of mud and residue) takes shape, grass will grow all over Northumberlandia, covering (perhaps) her modesty. Visitors will be able to stand right on her face on the vantage points, which will be reinforced with a more suitable surface for the wet British weather.


What a lovely way for the mining company to bring some sort of eco-friendly pleasure to visitors to the area (after having pillaged the earth for its limited coal resources that is). Either way I’ll be sure to visit. I definitely want to take a picture of myself beside what will soon become a great landmark in the area and see if her butt is indeed bigger than mine.

Other works by Charles Jencks:

Images by: Archaeoptics, Charles Jencks, Allan Pollok-Morris, Tiniest Tiger, Callum Black and via Daily Mail

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