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How Do You Save Your Travel Dollars?

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So you’ve decided you’re jetting off on a big trip, one of a lifetime, one that includes investigating more than one continent and more than one fabulous eco tour. Problem is the travel money bank isn’t as full as you’d like it to be, even though you’ve been trying hard to save for ages – well, trying… a bit.

The time has come to conjure up new and creative ways of saving money to ensure you get to go on your trip of a lifetime before your time runs out!

Save Toilet Water

Since many people want to save money and want to be a little more eco-friendly at the same time, one very weird way that you can save is to place a water bottle filled with sand in the tank of your toilet. By leaving this in the tank, you will save approximately half a gallon of water with each flush as well as an average savings of $90 per year on your utilities.

Online Savings

Sign up for one of the many cheap deal websites online, like Groupon to make savings on a range of products or experiences. If going out socializing is making the biggest dint in your bank balance then check out Restaurant.com or Toptable and receive emails when your favourite restaurants are offering special deals. This is a great way to still have dinner or lunch at your favourite restaurant, but without paying the full price.

Buy Meat in Bulk

While not eating meat at all may be a better way to save money – and your health – those who love their meat should buy it at certain times of the year and freeze it for later. After Thanksgiving, turkeys go on sale in a major way; buy your Christmas and Easter turkeys then and just freeze them until the holiday arrives.

Pay Less for Consumables

Signing up for Dollar Shave Club allows you to save money on razors ¬¬– lots of money, in fact. You could save up to $100 per year on shaving by signing up for this site. And if you drink a lot of coffee, then Amazing Coffee Club or Kopi could save you wad of cash. Instead of buying three or four coffees in Starbucks, you could buy enough to do for the whole month!

Homemade Cleaning Products

Rather than buying cleaning products for your kitchen and bathrooms for several dollars a bottle at the grocery store or warehouse store, you can make your own for half the price; and it will last much longer. Investing in a bottle of vinegar and lemon juice will provide you with the ability to mix your own cleaning supplies at home. You can make four or five bottles of cleaning spray for a few dollars rather than buying a new bottle for several dollars each month.

Save Expired Food

This is definitely one weird money saving tip. However, the less you have in your fridge, the harder it has to work to keep what you do have cold. The more you have in the fridge, the less your fridge has to work to keep things cool. You will save money on your electric bill by keeping those out-dated things in the fridge to save energy costs. Just don’t forget they are expired and accidentally eat them.

Measure Everything

Everyone is guilty of just opening the laundry detergent and dumping what seems like a good amount inside the washing machine. The same goes for their cough medicine, pet food, shampoo and other items. Each of these items comes with a recommended amount for each usage or even a cap that has a line that indicates the correct measurement; by paying attention to these measurements and actually utilising them, you will save by not wasting these items.

Other (Often Unconventional) Ways to Save

We’re only just scratching the surface here. There are so many ways to save money! If you’re serious about saving to travel, then check out what else you can cut back here:

Where to Stash Your Cash?

So what do you do with all the money you’ve saved? The last thing you want to do is leave it in your everyday banking account because even with the best of intentions you’ll gradually spend it. So the best thing you can do is to open a savings account. And ideally you’ll be looking for one that doesn’t lock in your money for a long period of time, but still has a decent yield on your investment.

In Conclusion

Saving money is something most everyone tries to do, especially for vacation. There are the common ways that everyone tries, such as couponing and saving their extra change and there are uncommon ways that lead to great savings through somewhat weird methods. But, once you’re on your dream vacation you won’t care how you had to save up for it.

Have you devised a unique way of saving money? Share it with us.

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