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Takes Going Green to a Whole New Level

green algae

green algae swimmer

Imagine heading to the beach for the day to cool off from the intense heat only to find a blanket of squidgy green algae covering the shore. It happened to a hoard of day trippers in Qingdao, China just last month, but unlike most parts of the world they weren’t put off by the reams of green slime. No, they embraced the moment and jumped on in!

green algae

The unexpected algae bloom, which gave China’s most popular beach resort a colourful facelift, spread over 70 meters wide and 100 meters long. The clean up efforts bagged over 100 bags of the slime, but local swimmers were not deterred. Guess one person’s lovely day at the beach is another person’s nightmare.

green algae bloom china

Images/Sources: China Daily

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