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The Sealander: Is It a Caravan, Is It a Boat? No, It’s a Caraboat!

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Heard of the Sealander? Neither had we. But it looks cool. Especially if you can’t decide between a cruise and a road trip (ah, it’s a hard life).

Meet the new Cara Boat. It’s a caravan. But it’s also a boat. You can tour your favourite country for a few weeks and then, when you get bored, sail off into the sunset in search of pastures new. The Sealander is the modern take on the caravan, designed by a German engineer, which lets you adapt the nation’s favourite holiday accessory into a boat.

Internally, the caravan is not much different to a standard mobile home. It’s got a bed, a drop down table, a little kitchen and a sink. Hook it up to your car and off you go. But the Sealander also has a motor, which allows you to slip into the water and cruise around.

Sealander – Schwimmcaravan – Grenzenlos mobil from SEALANDER – Der Schwimmcaravan on Vimeo.

Designer Daniel Straub claims the Sealander will offer maximum flexibility to those who own one, enabling them to come and go as they please, especially at campsites near lakes and islands. At present the caravan is only really designed for shallow waters and lakes, but Straub hopes one day he’ll be able to introduce one that can take to the high seas. Now that would be good!

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