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How to Pack Your Bag to Pass Security [INFOGRAPHIC]

packing light

As much as it pains us, airport security is strict and is here to stay. Learning how to pack your luggage so that everything passes even the most power-crazy security guard’s eye can take some practice. Once you relent and realise that you’ve no choice but to conform to some of the more ridiculous security standards in some countries, you’ll see that packing so your hand luggage passes rigorous searches forces you to pack light, which can’t be a bad thing.

This infograph, complied by Travel Insurance Guide, shows what is allowed and what’s not, and the best way to pack your gear for any trip. It may have been devised a while ago, but the same statutes still apply.

packing light Note: In Europe, the limitation for quantities is 100mls.

Granted you will have to go through a phase of trial and error: what is passable in one country may not be in another, and no doubt have to renounce a few personal items you’ve tried sneak through from time to time, but once you’ve got the hang of how to pack your hand luggage perfectly you’ll be thanking the powers that be for imposing those little dinky bottles upon you!

Do you have any good airport security stories?

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