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Discover the Luxury of Simplicity at Sweden’s Award-Winning Eco Retreat

Tucked away among the trees of Holaved forest in southern Sweden is a totally off-the-grid eco retreat designed to encourage residents to reconnect with nature. Hand-crafted wooden cabins with grass-covered rooves blend into the natural surroundings. An ‘air castle’ hides within the towering evergreen’s spindly branches, and a wonderful treehouse provides a whimsical treat for solo travellers.

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Harads’ Hanging Treehotel

Set on the outskirts of the small Swedish village of Harads is a scene not unlike something from a 1950’s B movie. Shimmering glimpses of UFO style constructions trick passers-by into believing aliens have finally landed. Splashes of colour and light dance among the branches on the edge of the boreal forest; buildings seem to appear and disappear with every glance.